Connor Gilman
Principal, Developer, Program Manager

Connor Gilman is one of the Principals for Pivotal Developers LLC. He has carried nearly every tool in the commercial development and program management world, from shovels to calculators, and still finds his ears to be the greatest instrument. When his career began in 2002 with Parsons-Brinkerhoff Engineering, he quickly understood the importance of listening before acting, and continues to impress this skill upon his team today. Connor has directly managed and supported the development of assets worth over $150 million in multiple vertical industries, including civil/structural assets, commercial office, veterinary hospitals, dental/medical clinics, storage and warehousing, and industrial and manufacturing facilities. Having a ‘cradle-to-grave’ role in these projects and budgets has aided him in bringing diverse experience and approaches to the foreseeable (and unforeseeable) challenges his Clients face. Connor holds a BA in business from TCU, and an MS and MBA from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

Charlene Gilman
Principal, Developer, Program Manager

Charlene Gilman is the guts and pioneering spirit behind the performance, development, and direction of Pivotal Developers LLC. Charlene developed her business experience as a portfolio administrator for a large Hedge Fund based in Dallas, Texas by age 21. From this launching point, her professional journey took her into management roles within large Financial Institutions where she built, developed, and coordinated operational teams charged with managing and servicing accounts of $500 Million – $20 Billion in assets. These challenging team-based programs honed her skills in assessing current realities of an organization and developing action steps needed to build highly efficient business professionals and team operations. Charlene then took a courageous leap in developing her own business, where she implemented her disciplined growth strategies and ‘no excuses’ approach in consulting to Dental and Medical professionals on how to grow their practices.  This ‘no excuses’ approach has served not only her Dental and Medical clients, but the Pivotal team as well.  Charlene and her founding co-Members started Pivotal with a new business and services approach to the commercial real estate sector. This is where she continues to bring forth vision, integrity, and discipline to her client’s ground-breaking development projects. Charlene holds a Bachelor of Business and Master of Business Administration degrees.