Project Description

Indoor Storage Facility, Arvada, CO

Pivotal served as Developer and Owners Representative for a 110,000 s/f self storage build project. Prior to joining the project, much front-end work was still needed on due-diligence studies and planning before construction work could begin. The self storage company chose to voluntarily annex their property into the City of Arvada, and as part of the annexation process, several additional civil improvements and installations on the property were required, including creating a shared access right of way with neighboring properties, installation of fire/water loop, extensions of electric and gas service utilities, OWTS, widening the adjacent highway to add in turn lanes, bypass lanes, and shoulder expansion for improved fire access. Additional street lighting and ADA sidewalk installations were also required. Planning for these points included coordination between City, County, and State agencies, as well as neighboring developers. Pivotal worked in concert with a permitting and entitlements specialist to navigate this complicated challenge. Upon issuance of construction permit, Pivotal drove the project team to identify any opportunities to accelerate the schedule and recoup time lost. As an Owners Representative, Pivotal also managed Owners’ soft cost responsibility scopes as part of the construction project. These included structured network cabling, access control & surveillance, utility connections, furniture procurement, and post-occupancy needs including purchasing operations equipment (carts, dollies, pallet jacks, etc.). The project incurred over $500k in added civil expenses, and still came in under budget.

“We knew there was a learning curve and large time commitment when developing our first commercial property, and we needed just the right team member to blend into the project after the entitlement process. After our initial meeting with Pivotal for our Owner’s Representative we had a much clearer understanding of the process and knew they would be a good match. Pivotal was able to articulate the steep learning curve, the time commitments, and all the moving pieces involved in the construction development phase to ensure our project success. We were delighted Pivotal was a part of our project team, they put in the time to understand our vision and the commitment to hold the project to our expectations. Having this resource and partner afforded me the time to stay focused at the head of my engineering consulting firm, and the confidence that experienced professionals were at the helm of the construction phase of the development. Hiring Pivotal as the Owner’s Representative for our 110,000-sf ground up commercial development was instrumental in the success of the project. Pivotal represented our goals and exceeded our expectations through completion and delivery.”

—Mr. P. Duncan